Friday, January 2, 2015

#52Ancestors: WK 1: Fresh Start: The Adams Family

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Ok. I admit it. I snap my fingers when I research the Adams Family branch of my tree. Yes, I am adorkable.

I've decided to participate in the 52 Ancestors challenge by Amy Johnson Crow as a means of maybe moving forward in my genealogy research. If nothing else, this challenge will give me a fresh start on years and years of research that doesn't seem to go anywhere.  Impulsively, I decided to focus my attention on the Adams branch.  There are a grand total of 44 people with the surname "Adams" in my tree. Oops. That's ok, though. Really, I'm focusing on the people that my grandmother came from.

7 Gen Fan Chart

I'm glad I picked this branch. There are two very big brick walls in this branch:  Sallie Lou Green and Mary Frances Cornstubble. Maybe with a focused study, I can finally break through these walls.

It's funny. Just looking at the tree on Ancestry, to remind myself of the people in this branch, shows me there are a lot more hints (hello, little shaking leaves!) than there use to be. I have to rein in my tendency to start wherever looks the most interesting.  This is another fresh start.  I need to learn to be a little more methodical in my research.  Time will tell!  No matter what, I'm sure I'll have lots of geeky fun!


  1. What an interesting 'Family Circle Tree'. Picking 'Brick Walls' is a big challenge, but I would say you are more than ready to tear it down brick by brick. It should be fun following your progress. As you mentioned those 'shaky leaves' on ancestry are showing up more and more. Ancestry has really been doing a lot of upgrading and adding other entities to their data base...therefore more info/shaky leaves. I too, have a hard time not picking those leaves that are not in my direct line of research. Some of my posts will be from the ones I could not resist.
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    1. Thanks for commenting! I have had a lot more fun with genealogy this year than I have in probably the past five.

  2. I love your word..."adorkable!" :) Best wishes as you trace the Adams family, snap snap! (I have an Adam family... no 's'!)

    1. Ha! I have to give credit where credit is due. My friend Jen said the word and I ruthlessly stole it from her. Maybe she won't smother me in my sleep at RootsTech/FGS this year. :)