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#52Ancestors: WK 14: Photos of the lost

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I have photos. A lot of photos. Photos that range from tintypes to present day snapshots and digital files. While at RootsTech, I caught about 15 minutes of the end of a session talking about organizing files. Naming and tagging and filing anything digital in a way that anyone will recognize what the files are, who might be part of those files (especially photos), and where those files came from.

Sadly, a lot of my photos are unlabeled and the people that could have told me anything about those photos have died. In particular, I have a box of card photographs. I know the photos range, at least, from the mid-1800s to the early 1930s. I'm also fairly confident that the photos are mostly from my GARRETT and GUTTERY branches.

Here are ten from my collection.

Back says: Miss Fanie G...
Photo 1: Miss Fanie G...
The back of this card photo has written in faded pencil Miss Fanie G; but the G is mostly rubbed off. I'm inclined to think her full name was written there at one time.

You can see the damage to the card. Possibly mice or roaches. The card is embossed with JNO CARTER LULING, TEX.

I don't know anything about how to date photographs, but a few things stand out. The woman's outfit looks to be one dress, with a high collar and lace. Her belt has a leaf pattern on it with a (possibly silver) buckle. The man's suit is pinstriped. The jacket has two buttons and a button on the breast pocket. His shoes are worn and unpolished. They are posed in front of what looks like a painted backdrop. The couple is posed on an animal rug.

At the moment, I can only confirm one female named Fannie/Fanny in the maternal line of my tree: Fannie C. GILMORE (1891-1961). Her sister, Drusilla, married James David GARRETT. James David Garrett is the brother of my great grandfather, John Moore GARRETT, Sr. Fannie married John ZAPALAC.

unknown 2
Photo 2: Two photos, young men
There are no markings on this card or the photographs.  The card is embossed. The men in the left photograph are probably brothers (rather than cousins). The suits look similar; but the left suit is actually made of checked fabric and the right is solid (although, maybe finely striped). The suits look lightweight. There are three buttons on each suit. Both men are wearing the same hairstyle.

The photo on the right yields very little. The background looks painted.

unknown 3
Photo 3: Schoolgirls in uniform
This photograph fascinates me. Also lacking in any markings, it does have some embossing around the photo itself. The girls are dressed in uniform -- pleated pantaloons, I think. The buildings look institutional. The ground appears to be brick. Are the girls dancing? Playing? Performing? Is this a boarding school or an orphanage? Neither?

unknown 4
Photo 4: Baby in gown
This baby looks grumpy! Is it the sunlight or the yards of lacy gown? Absolutely no clues as to place; but the gown is probably a Christening gown.

unknown 5
Photo 5: Toddler in lace
More lace! Probably a girl. This card photograph is clearly embossed with CARTER and LULING, TEX. The backdrop looks painted. I'm wondering if the baby's mother is hiding behind the blanket draped over the chair. The black pin on the baby's dress says PET.

Back says: Feb 1911
Photo 6: Family home
The back of this photo says Feb 1911. You can see there is handwriting on the photo that says "Dad" and "Mother." I'm fairly sure this is the Garrett clan. Although, it could be the Guttery clan. "Dad" is probably John Moore Garrett, Sr. and "Mother" is probably Sidney Carrie Guttery. There are several fancy ladies hats. The women are either in dresses or shirtwaists and skirts.

unknown 7
Photo 7: Unknown couple
Married? Siblings? Cousins? It's hard to tell from this photo. The woman's outfit is spectacular. Look at the pleating in the bodice! The leg-o-mutton sleeves. The oversized buttons on the bodice look either Mother of Pearl or metal. It looks like she is wearing a ring on the fore-finger of her left hand. His suit is solid in probably black or dark brown. The tie has a button or pin. He is wearing a wing tip collar. It looks like he might have a pocket watch in his vest. His shoes are clean, but scuffed at the tips. They seem to be standing on a rug. There doesn't look to be a backdrop. Like several other photographs, this card photograph is clearly embossed with CARTER and LULING, TEX.

unknown 8
Photo 8: Kids with horse
Again, no markings. Some embossing on the card around the photo. I'm pretty sure this is my great grandmother and two of her siblings. They are outside...other than that, I can't really pick up details about the background. The children are all wearing white outfits with dark stockings.

unknown 9
Photo 9: Family portrait
This photo haunts me. The woman seems to have the sweetest smile one her face. The man's suit is striped. I think he is wearing a tab collar. His shoes are worn and not polished. His pants look rolled rather than cuffed.

The woman is wearing, I think, a shirtwaist and skirt. The skirt looks to have a small train on it. She looks to be wearing a loose overjacket with short sleeves. Her shoes are shiny and round toed.

The detail in the children's clothing is blown out from the exposure. The older of the two is barefoot, for sure. Both outfits are dresses, but that's no indication of gender.

The backdrop is painted. I can't tell if the floor is carpet, tile, or linoleum.

unknown 10
Photo 10: Wedding Portrait
The first time I saw this photo, I thought the woman was wearing a tiara. She is, sort of. It's tiara of flowers rather than jewels. Her dress (one piece tied with a sash, I think) is very lacy at the bodice and bottom. The veil is very sheer and looks to run to the ground. There might be embroidery in the veil, I can't tell.

The groom is wearing a borrowed suit, I'm pretty sure. The pants are rolleded at least four inches. Not to mention the suit hangs on him. The jacket has three buttons with narrow, notched lapels. The breast pocket is slanted. His tie has a pin in it. His shoes look to be polished

Looking at this photos makes me want to pull all the photos out and spend time studying the details. Slowly, but surely, I am loading all my genealogy photo scans to Flickr. I'm hoping that maybe Guttery or Garrett family members will see these photos and get in touch.

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