Thursday, April 2, 2015

#52Ancestors: WK 13: Different

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Last week, I wrote about the most common names in my tree. This week, let me highlight a few of the unique names:

Eppie Allefair Guttery
I've never known the family way to spell "Allefair." I've seen it Alliefair, Allefaire, Alafare, and Alafair. Behind The Name covers it under Alafare. If you Google search it, there are about 167 hits for Allefair, 157 for Alliefair, 63 for Allefaire, 186 for Alafare, and 307 for Alafair (mostly because of the author Alafair Burke and the character Alafair Robicheaux from James Lee Burke).

Eulaliah Louise Adams
My grandmother disliked her name. Intensely. I never understood why. I think it's pretty. Hard to spell, though! Variant forms include: Eulália, Eulàlia, Eulalia, Eulalie.1

Argent Johanna Moore
I've never understood "Argent." I guess it could be a family name. Johanna and Thomas named one of their daughters Argent Johanna, as well.

Welcome Calfy Adams
The "Calfy" part still frustrates me. Family lore says he is Welcome Corbin or Corbit. His draft card states Calfy. Calfy is a known surname. That might be an area to research.

Earle Wayne Bradberry
One might ask why I would list this name. Looks entirely common, until you realize this was my grandfather's sister-in-law. Her father's name was Earl.

Ellie Hugh Garrett
Again, this name looks fairly common. Again, there is a gender switch. This is my great grandfather's brother. Behind The Name suggests that the name Ellie was used for boys/men between 1880 and 1910 with varying popularity.

Sadie Pinkie Keene
There are two Sadies in my tree, but only one Pinkie (so far)! Where did the Pinkie come from? Is it a family name? Was there a friend with that name? Was she really Sadie Patricia, perhaps?

Younger Moore
Ah, family lore. Supposedly, Younger was named after cousins: the Younger Brothers. Yes, those Younger Brothers. The one that rode with Jesse James. I might believe Younger was named after the Younger Brothers. I don't believe the Youngers are related to us.

1. Campbell, Mike. 2015. 'Behind The Name: Name Search'. Behindthename.Com.

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