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#52Ancestors: WK 10: Grace, wife of Isaac

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While looking at information on David Edwin GREEN, I found his brother: John William Bartow Green.

I have always found the naming of children fascinating. Generally, there is a U.S. trend to name at least one child with the mother's or grandmother's maiden name.1

John and David are the sons of David Green and Elizabeth REYNOLDS.  David Edward Green is the son of Isaac Green and Grace B __.

Funny fact I've been tracking. A lot of my female ancestors used the first letter of their maiden names as their middle initial.

Enter my most recent research on the Green family.

In 1850, Isaac and his wife Grace B. Green are enumerated in Georgia with four children.2

Grace B. Green 1850
Family Detail - Isaac and Grace Green, 1850 U.S. Census
In 1860, Mrs. Green and son James are enumerated in Georgia.3

Grace B. Green 1860
Family Detail - Mrs. Green, 1860 U.S. Census

She is missing in 1870 (so far).

In 1880, Gracy Green, her daughter, and two grandchildren are enumerated in Georgia.4

Grace B. Green 1880
Family Detail - Gracy Green, 1880 U.S. Census
I have looked for hours this week for a marriage record for Isaac Green.  I'm currently running on the assumption that Grace's maiden name is Bartow.

Now, this is a wild guess. It's one I'm willing to run with for now. Maybe "Bartow" is misspelled? Maybe Bartow isn't even her name. Whatever the case, I need to pick a starting place on learning more about Grace, the wife of Isaac -- my 4th great grandmother.

1. Maybe this is dying out? Is this common other countries? Sometimes I yearn for the Spanish and Mexican convention of adding the mother's maiden name to the child's name.

2. Grace B Green in the 1850 United States Federal Census. Year: 1850; Census Place: Division 90, Warren, Georgia; Roll: M432_86; Page: 150B; Image: 308

3. Grace Green in the 1860 United States Federal Census. Year: 1860; Census Place: Goose Ponds District, Warren, Georgia; Roll: M653_140; Page: 17; Image: 17; Family History Library Film: 803140

4. Gracy Green in the 1880 United States Federal Census. Year: 1880; Census Place: Goose Pond, Warren, Georgia; Roll: 170; Family History Film: 1254170; Page: 104C; Enumeration District: 120; Image: 0409

Optional Theme: Week 10 (March 5-11) – Stormy Weather. This is the time of year that the northern hemisphere starts to see severe storms. (As if the blizzards in New England this winter haven’t been bad enough!) What ancestor endured a particularly severe storm? It could be something like a tornado or blizzard or it could be a “storm” of bad things.

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